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Raku Workshops (We offer gift certificates!)

Two fall dates:

September 30 and October 28


Cliff House Studio in partnership with Hart Street Pottery offers a unique pottery and Raku firing experience.

Raku is a firing process developed in 16th century Japan for the Japanese tea ceremony. Pieces fired in this manner are referred to as Raku or Raku pottery.

The pieces are glazed, dried and put directly into a very hot kiln where they remain about twenty minutes until the glazes have melted at a temperature of 1820F. The piece is then removed from the gas fired kiln with long Raku tongs and put into a nest of hay or news paper and covered with a bucket creating a reduction chamber. They are then quickly quenched with water. The reduction atmosphere produces wonderful lustrous and crackle glazes, making each piece unique.

This is a fascinating firing process to see and be a part of. Raku firing is dramatic and exciting. It is also a wonderful way to actually watch the glazes melt and see what happens inside the kiln in a matter of minutes.

The Raku workshop at Cliff House Studio begins at 2:00 in the afternoon, taking in the beautiful views from the studio and gallery decks. After glazing, painting and initial Raku firings we break for a candle light dinner (more decks). We then resume firing, pulling red hot pots (1,850 degrees) from the Raku kiln into the spring night air. Participates have described this as magical.


Option 1. FEE: $200 (pay to Hart Street or Cliff House)

Fee Includes:

* 12 lb. clay, bisque firing and Hart Street studio availability for hand building, throwing and trimming.

* All materials including lustrous copper and several colors of crackle glazes. (additional bisque pots thrown by Pam are available at $5 each)

*Use of all studio facilities, (compressor, glaze spray guns, two Raku kilns, two electric kilns for drying and preheat, decks with fabulous views for extra work space.

*Refreshments (cool things to drink) provided, including dinner and wine on decks overlooking a pastoral scene of horses and the Ft. Worth Nature Center.

* 10% discount on gallery purchases. Cliff House Gallery features the work of Pam Summers' contemporary ceramics and Raymond Rains' blown and fused glass.

* Clay and Glass Studio and gallery tour.


Option 2. FEE: $100 (pay to Cliff House)

You buy the clay, Pamís Raku, available from Texas Pottery and Clay Company, bisque the pots to cone 06, and take them to Cliff House Studio for the event, or you may buy bisque pots from Pam at $10 to $15 each the day of the event (Contact Pam to be sure bisque is available)

Fee includes:

Everything listed above except the clay and Hart Street studio use.

First come, first served: Maximum of 10 participants, 4-5 pots each.  A limited number of guests (over 18) are welcome.  The cost is $30 per guest for dinner and beverages. Reservations needed.


Reserve your place now!:
Contact Janet Rodriguez
Hart Street Pottery
6346 Hart Street, Ft. Worth, TX. 76112
817 429-7222
Pam Summers 817-237-7109

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